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Getting Formal Training


There is an art and craft guild located here in the Dallas Texas area. They are called the “Craft Guild of Dallas” and have been around since October, 1948. That makes me not quite two years older than the Guild. The history goes back a bit farther (pre WWII) but under a different name.

Today my daughter Shel and I joined the Craft Guild and we will be taking a wax carving and lost wax casting class starting in September (2013). The class runs 3 hours once a week for two months.

Shel took a glass bead making class over a year ago at the guild and has since install a studio in her home for glass work.

We won’t become experts but I like to think we will be starting off in the right direction. If I like what I can do, I’ll get more serious about tools and equipment. This has been something I have studied and have spent many years reading books on the process. I am sure I will take a serious liking.

Training like this is good for exploring interest. What is nice (I think) is that it is not just an isolated class but an actual group of professional and semi-professional experts. It has the right “stuff” for anyone who wants take their personal art skills more seriously. There are also no age barriers.


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