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Support Ribbon

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Last project before Christmas 2014. This is handmade, no CAD or CNC just subtractive hand filing and carving. Size is 1.5 x 1 inches and rather thin, about 0.125" where the ribbons cross. The wax and sprue together only weighed 1.4 grams (in wax). 9.7 grams finished as shown with bail.

Gloria's Ring

DSC05059  DSC05060  DSC05064

Wife Gloria has most of the silver items I make (so far) but she needed something with her name on it. She liked the Tessa heart but I decided to do a ring. This ring is all hand carved, no machines.  A ring was the first silver I ever cast and now this is only the second ring. I should do more. :)

Tessa's Heart

DSC04980  DSC04984  DSC05052

My granddaughter (age 6) has been watching my silver work and wax carving. When she asked me, "What are you going to make for me, Papa?" What was a grandfather supposed to do? Of course, design one of these.

She had mentioned that Rose was one of her favorite names, so there is a little secret in the design of this little girl pendent.

Kautz Tags

DSC04933  DSC04938  DSC04941

I had a run of bad casts trying to master the vacuum assist lost wax process. I have solved the problem. (I hope) The picture on the left is two separate Sterling silver castings I made last Sunday. As you can see they came out perfect. Happy, Happy.

The center is two tags I made using CAD, CAM and CNC. This is two separate versions as I was experimenting with the code. The owl is the family crest animal. The tags are about 1" x 2" x 1/8" and each weigh  a few tenths of A gram over a troy ounce. About $17.00 of Sterling silver at today's rate.

The last picture is just a couple of geegaws I and my daughter made. The acorn cap is my daughter's. I think she is planning to make a glass bead for the nut part.

Celtic Trident Cross

DSC04708  DSC04720  DSC04799

I have created several Celtic theme silver Lost Wax Castings because they may look a bit complex, they are still rather easy to carve. I have also kept the pieces fairly large as that keeps it easy for me to hold in my hands.

This is the second carving of this design. The first one I did in green wax but it was lost in an incomplete cast. I made this duplicate in a couple of day and used Wolf's gold colored wax. It's a bit harder wax but that was not important in this second try.

You can see the wax and how it was sprued for investment. The next picture shows it after the cast and disinvestment. The last is with the jump ring installed and all polished up. The second picture where it looks all white is after it comes out of the acid pickle. It is totally clean and the white is how silver looks before it is polished.


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