"Do what you love for those who love what you do"

Kautz Custom 3D

I have been active in 3D printing since June 2016. At this writing (8.8.23) that’s over seven years.

In that time I have acquired and operated ten types of filament (FDM) printers and two UV resin printers. I have a great amount of 3D print experience.

At least a thousand items have been successfully printed. Also many that were not so successful. One learns to master a craft buy the mistakes made. The mistakes are now few and easily avoided.

I am at a point where I invest in professional grade equipment. That is a normal skill progression and creates a desire to produce purposeful items with some “need” and less “cheap demonstration Junque” just for display.

To that end I have been doing some commission “design and make” work for friends. I enjoy that my work results in a truly desired and requested item.

Since retired from my main career, I spend almost all my time in creative design and manufacture.

I also do LASER engraving and can combine that into some of my 3D print items. 

What I am looking for is more commission type requested custom work. 

Since I do my own CAD (drawings), which is the base requirement of all 3D prints, I have total control and freedom to produce just about anything from practical to artistic. 

If you know me, give me a shout if you have an idea or a need. I’ll let you know if it is something I can tackle. Costs are variable and usually a donation to cover material and special tooling if required.

My goal is to keep doing what I enjoy and finance only what it takes to continue as long as possible.

I don’t supply a direct contact link from my web sites as the Internet has become a virtual cesspool of communication abuse from spammers, perverts, scams, and frauds. 

I love to work with “real” people.


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