"Do what you love for those who love what you do"

Experience, The Best Teacher

3D Printing

I blew off the silver making for a while because of the 3D printing mania I just experienced. Yes, the 3D stuff can be very habitual, but in the end, it is just an unusual piece pf plastic. Not a durable piece of jewelry art cast in precious silver. Well, semi-precious silver.

I’ll remain somewhat engrossed with the printing as there are things worth making. I can always design special plastic things I need exactly to my specification rather than try to find readymade.

I just invested in a stock of new casting grain silver and a fresh box of investment plaster. I have some designs I know will sell. I like to make new designs more than remake what I have already done, but I don’t forget what my customers like.

I cast two new pieces just yesterday. I just love working with silver.

Silver doesn’t get wasted like plastic. Silver can be melted and used for something new. What is lost is the large effort required in making any LWC finished object. The cost of the silver is a small portion of the overall cost of material and effort.

Pen Turning

I looked again at pen turning. I have made a few in the past. I could easily make wood (or other material) turned pens again. The barrels are the only part that are handmade. All the other parts are purchased. Some folks make these items as a full-time retirement occupation. The prices and profits are quite high for the effort involved.

I may make a few more examples since I have the tools and the material is easily obtainable. There is a huge business in selling the supplies. The pens (and other lathe turned items) are beautiful and unusual, but not the same creative art that stems from wax carving and producing art from totally raw materials.

I am not demeaning pen turners, they love what they do. I like to make them. The makers do add value turning and finishing the barrel, but most of the product is factory made parts that are assembled. It is what it is, a kit of parts. Value is in the mind of the buyer, looking at the finished results. ‘Nuff said.

The Lesson

Exploring new “making” opportunities is a great experience. Without the experience, I feel I have no right to comment or criticize ANY subject. Here’s a rule I try my best to follow; "Experience is the best teacher. Knowledge without experience is simply knowledge looking for application." It’s what “doing and making” are all about.


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