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895bbd5c2af3New tool is about to be added to my KautzCraft workshop. I have ordered a small 4.5-watt (output) LASER engraver. Work area is only 160mm x 150mm. So, it is quite small. So is the purchase cost. Less than $200.

The low cost was the fatal attraction. I have considered LASER engravers for years. However, the cost (many $K) did not justify the return on investment. There are just not enough items in my workshop needing LASER engraving for the previous high investment required.

The machine I ordered is not for everyone. It has no interlocking safety features to keep the careless operator safe. Knowing the risks are important. Running the engraver is not group event. Single user in a closed access area is my plan.

Here is a picture of what I have ordered. Yeah, it’s Chinese but most every high-tec CNC tool is these days. Includes all my 3D printers. 

At this point I am most interested in decorative engraving rather than using the LASER to cut through material. This little LASER will do cuts for sure. Just not as thick or as fast as a LASER with higher power (and higher cost).

If I discover a real need (or demand) to do heavy cutting, a higher power LASER can then be added. What I learn on this small LASER using the software system common to any size machine will be time well spent.

More information to follow this announcement once the smoke starts rising. Yep. LASERS make a LOT of smoke from burning the target material. A fact barely mentioned by most machine vendors.

UPDATE 7/11/21

This machine never left China. The order was cancled. I now have a LASER engraver with more area and a bit more power. Articles to follow and check into KautzCraft Laser for more info.


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