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RandRI just filled three LWC casting flasks using my new investment powder. It’s Plasticast Investment made by Ransom & Randolph, Maumee, Ohio (My birth state.) It is supposed to be a superior investment powder for when waxes and plastic are used in investment casting.

I have been using a R&R investment called Ultra-Vest since day one of my silver casting. It’s been a wonderful investment powder for my work. Always produces good results with wax masters.

My first impression with Plasticast is that it is definitely different material. It LOOKS the same but the mixing and especially the vacuum de-airing is totally different. The mix is extremely smooth when mixing and the rise when under vacuum is MORE than twice as high! The air bubbles stick together very well and just keep rising. Almost frightening compared to what I have become accustomed.

No problem, I was aware of the extreme rise and was prepared. I was also grateful when the second vacuum (in the flask) did not rise, but just came to a boil as it should.

In about 15 hours, I will know how the material works coming out of the kiln and silver casting is attempted. I have a slightly modified schedule for the burn out. It now includes a hold stage for two hours at 700 degrees F. for the better transition of the plastic materials. It was a part of the R&R burn-out recommendation

This first try has one flask with the usual wax master. The second has the resin master made with my Wanhao D7 3D printer. The third flask has a finger ring made from FDM 3D printed PLA plastic.

I love to experiment (a little, not forever) so I am excited to see how this will all virtually come out.

I can work forever, er… the rest of my life, using wax for casting silver, but I really want to do highly detailed work with 3D printing of the masters. Next post will show the results.


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