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Unleashing My Inner Artist

Kamvas Pro 16I committed to some computer tech. A Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 graphics drawing tablet. It’s a computer screen upon which I can draw. It’s like an iPad but is tied to a computer. It’s larger (16”) with more available features and applications. It functions like an iPad but must be tied to a separate computer like a monitor.

I wanted to do this for years. I have a Wacom Bamboo pad, but one has to look at the computer screen as the hand is drawing on a small area of the desktop. I prefer the pen-on-screen iPad experience and that is how the KAMVAS pro operates.

My new 12 processor Intel-NUC10 4.7 GHz computer should be a good match. Well, that’s to be seen. I am sure the speed/quality of the connected computer affects the drawing experience.

One of my goal applications for the drawing tablet is with Pixologic Z-Brush. I bought Z-Brush so I could design 3D models like sculpting clay. I have produced a few examples using the mouse and the Wacom Bamboo while looking at the monitor. A 16 inch draw-on screen is going to be a huge improvement in fun and comfort.

I am also itching to do all the other graphic things a graphic tablet can do. It may bring back the drawing and painting artist in me. The Senior Dan Kautz, my grandfather, taught me some of what he knew and I produced several water colors. My son has one in his home. But I never took the time to fully get involved. That was fifty years ago.

I use the Bamboo for photo editing with Adobe. That is another one of the good applications. The Bamboo still works but is no longer supported by Wacom. I think mine is at least a decade old. And it is small and so are the hand drawing movements. The 16" Kamvas Pro should be a great upgrade.

I will receive it next week and will be posting more here.


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