Vectric Aspire Update

vectric logoI realize I haven’t posted here for a while. Mostly because I have a lot of other artsy/crafty blogs where I spend time. I like to think of those other areas as all one big happy family and this is a sibling of the others. Just different URL’s.

If I put or consolidate everything here for example, there would be just as much “stuff” and harder to stay on topic.

So anyway, I’m Back! The topic is Vectric CNC Software.

Most everything I create needs a 3D CAD drawing. That’s because I make a lot of things using 3D CNC subtractive machining and more recently 3D additive printing. That does not imply that I don’t do a lot of old fashion hand work or assembly of parts.

I have several powerful software options from which to choose. I write about the others as I continue to use them. My all-around favorite for 3D CAD and CAM is Vectric Aspire. I have every version of Aspire since it was first created. The newest version just released is Version 9.0. (Actually 9.008) Update! 11/19 (Now at V.10!)

Originally Aspire was the combination of several other programs from Vectric and its strong heritage seemed to be toward the CNC overhead router, sign carving venue. That is a strong niche, but far from the only use and purpose for Aspire.

I use Aspire to design and carve wax masters for lost wax casting of jewelry items. An application almost never mentioned in their forums. It works very well for that purpose. I also use it for a lot of wood carving projects as well. Recently I have designed items for 3D printing as Aspire outputs very clean Stereolithography files (.STL). Again. A use not much mentioned in their forums.

I just pulled the trigger on the update from version 8.5 to 9 (to 10) as there are some significant updates. They at last moved automated double-sided carving from their lower cost program Cut3D in to Aspire. Not 4 axis 3D, but “flip-over” 2-sided 3D. I am thinking a great feature for some pendant carving.

There IS extensive 4th axis support with a wrap/unwrap very well implimented. Either X or Y axis is transfered to the A axis which is the S.O.P. Way 4th axis is implimented. 

Purchasing the program outright, no upgrade, is a bit pricey at the $2K region. My upgrade was $400. However, I am making money from what I can design. So, the cost is easily justified. Some people may not want that level of expense in a hobby, but even hobby use can create a payback over time. It all about how much you use it.

There are individual programs at much lower cost. The Vectric moto is “Passionate About CNC” If that describes you, then you should be looking a Vectric CNC Software. Highly recommended by Dimensional Art Org.