A New Impression (Tools)

gstamp 2 gstamp 3 gstamp 5 gstamp 6 gstamp 7

gstamp 12 gstamp 15

Making tools can be a form of dimensional art. I like the look and the feel of any good hand tool. When it is a tool that has been well made with your own hands it has the special feel or spirit about it.

Here are a couple of prototype "Impression" stamp tools I made in just a few hours after gathering the materials. The handles were purchased as I am creative only so far. Ha!

My daughter asked me to make these for use in her glass bead work. She is another creative family member. In fact the whole family has artistic skills we should exploit more than we presently do.

These are prototypes and I am considering making these in batches if other people get interested. The head designs are limited only by size and imagination. As seen what I call "inies" and "outies" can be formed. If I can draw it I can make it.

The long handles are required because the glass work is very hot, but the result is very similar to pressing a seal into sealing wax or even cookie dough. Hmm... I can make those too...