Bolt Lock Pens

boltlock 1 boltlock 2 boltlock 3 boltlock 4 boltlock 6

Pictured is a new pen I made today. This one goes to a friend who first discovered the parts were available. What I made was the wood barrel (turned on a mini lathe) and hand finished. Then I assembled the parts. An interesting thing with this pen is the kit maker shows every one of his pens with the bolt handle assembled 180 degrees rotated the wrong way. The bolt handle is pointing up. This reversed position is because it interferes slightly with the pocket clip when in the proper bolt action position that I prefer. My opinion is the clip is a minor concern and the pen is not a style a user is likely to clip in a shirt pocket. Many other makers also make this correction.

pen 1 pen 22 pen 23

Here are other pens I made several weeks ago. There is a construction series in my other blog, The Hobbyist Workshop.

These pens are fun to make and there are endless possibilities of materials that can be used. For some people pen making is a full time occupation. Individual pens can sell for $30.00 to hundreds of dollars. Special sets and holders, far more than that.

I plan on making pens for as long as I can. I have two more bolt locks to make right now.